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Calgary Exterior Painting

Exterior painting is challenging because not only must the finish look great but also stand up to the elements. We are experienced in painting many exteriors and fully understand what products will work best with certain materials. We only paint with the best products available and take our time to make sure your exteriors are done right so they will look great and last for years to come.

Exterior Painting Process:

  1. Every exterior paint job starts with a thoughrough powerwashing to get rid of built up dirt.

  2. Next we fill all nail holes and small gaps then sand smooth.

  3. Before painting can start we must tape and paper off all areas around corners and edges.

  4. Once the prep is done we can apply 2 coats of high quality exterior grade paint and let dry.

  5. Before we are finished we remove all masking paper and tape and complete a full clean of the area.