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Calgary Stucco Painting

Our stucco painting is the best choice for re-newing the look of old stucco siding because we only use the best exterior products and take our time to do it right the first time.

Elastomeric Stucco Painting:

Elastomeric paint is a thick paint that is designed to be used for painting over cracked stucco and masonry. Our elastomeric painting services are perfect for anyone wanting to re-new old siding.

For New Stucco:

For stucco that's in good shape we use an exterior latex paint that will provide good vapour diffusion and allow the stucco siding to dry. Choosing the right paint is important when painting stucco because stucco needs to breath inorder to keep moisture from being trapped.

Products We Paint Stucco With:

For all our exterior stucco painting services we recommend these high quality products from cloverdale paint.