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Calgary Kitchen Cabinet Painting

We provide high quality kitchen cabinet painting and re-finishing services to Calgary and area. Cabinets and shelving are usually the highlight of any kitchen. Having them re-finished or painted will bring life to your kitchen and add a new dimension to your home.

Process Of Painting Kitchen Cabinets:

  1. The first step is to dissasemble your cabinets as much as possible. That means removing all doors, hinges and hardware.

  2. Next we clean the surface area with TSP to remove all dirt and grease.

  3. Then we fill all holes and gaps with wood filler or caulk.

  4. Depending on the desired look we might have to fill the wood grain with putty inorder to create a completely smooth finish.

  5. Next we sand the kitchen cabinets smooth and lightly rinse with a damp cloth.

  6. Before painting begins we tape off all areas not being painted with painters tape and masking paper.

  7. A minimum one coat of oil primer is applied.

  8. Once the primer has dried we can spray the cabinets with 2 finishing coats and let dry for 24hrs.

  9. The last step is to clean everything up and re-assemble the cabinets.

Products We Use To Paint Kitchen Cabinets:

We recommend using these high quality products from cloverdale paint for all our interior kitchen cabinet painting services.