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Calgary HVLP Paint Spraying

Our high quality HVLP paint spraying services are perfect for fine woodwork such as kitchen cabinets, mouldings, doors and furniture. HVLP spraying produces the finest finish possible and is guaranteed to make your woodwork flawless.

Benefits Of HVLP Paint Spraying:

  • Lower pressure and less product wastage.

  • Finer finish.

  • Quiet.

  • Compatibility with most types of finishes including oil, latex and lacquer.

The Process Of HVLP Spraying:

  1. The first step is to clean all surfaces to be painted with a TSP solution to remove dirt and grease.

  2. Next we fill all nail holes and small voids with wood filler or caulk then sand smooth.

  3. Then we vacuum all the dust and clean the surface with an airgun to get rid of small particles.

  4. Before we begin painting, all areas not being painted are taped off with painters tape and masking paper.

  5. One coat of oil primer is usually applied to raw wood to protect the finish from tannin stains and to provide a good bonding surface.

  6. Next a minimum 2 coats of topcoats are applies and left to dry.

  7. Once dry we can remove all the tape and clean the work area.

Products We Use For HVLP Paint Spraying:

For all our HVLP paint spraying services we recommend these high quality products from cloverdale paint.

Lacquers and Melamine from Cloverdale: