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Calgary Gel Staining

Gel stain is a highly pigmented oil stain that is specially designed for use on hard to stain surfaces. Gel stain is great at giving synthetic materials a natural wood look.

Gel Staining Process:

  1. The First step is to clean everything with either a strong degreaser like TSP or a thinning solution.

  2. Next we tape off all areas not being stained with painters grade masking tape.

  3. Once the prep is done we can apply atleast 2 coats of gel stain. For a darker more solid look we apply additional coats to meet the desired look.

  4. After the stain has cured for atleast 48hrs we can apply a poly-urethane or spar-urethane clear finish.

  5. Once we are finished gel staining we clean everything up and restore the work area to its prior state.

Gel Staining Products:

For all our gel staining services we recommend going with these high quality products from OldMasters brand stain.