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Calgary Garage Door Painting

Our garage door painting services are the fastest and most affordable way to renew you old garage door. All of our quality garage door finishes are sprayed on by airless spraying to provide you with smooth beautiful looking doors.

Garage Door Painting Process:

  1. Every garage door painting service starts with a good powerwashing to remove built up dirt and grease.

  2. Once dry we tape and mask off all areas not being painted.

  3. Then we fill any cracks or small holes with an exterior wood filler and sand smooth.

  4. Depending on the door being painted we might have to apply a coat of primer to begin with.

  5. Next we apply 2 coats of high quality exterior grade paint.

  6. Once the paint is dry, we can remove the tape and clean up.

Garage Door Painting Products:

For all our garage door painting services we recommend going with these high quality products from cloverdal paint.

How We Apply Paint To Your Garage:

We always paint garage doors by spraying. Spraying is the best way to paint garage doors because only spraying will make your garage door look extra smooth and brush mark free.