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Calgary Ceiling Spraying

We paint all types of interior ceilings including textured ceilings, shiplap ceilings, flat ceilings and suspended ceilings. Ceilings play an important role in light distribution throughout your home. A sharp white ceiling will help spread light throughout your home and brighten up your living areas.

Metheod Of Painting Ceilings:

The best way to paint any type of ceiling is by spraying. Airless paint spraying will evenly and quickly paint all types of ceilings.

Painting Ceiling Stains:

Water and smoke stains are the most common types of stains associated with ceilings. To cover stains we apply an undercoat of oil primer to seal stains from bleeding through. Once a good undercoat of oil primer is in place we can then safely apply 2 coats of latex ceiling paint.

Wood, Shiplap and Panel ceilings:

Wood, shiplap and panel ceilings are troublesome to paint because they all have small gaps that have to be filled with paintable caulk. Before painting begins we ensure all gaps and voids are filled with paintable caulk and sanded smooth. By doing this we gaurantee your ceiling will be seamless and look brand new.