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Trimwork Painting Services

We provide high quality painting services for all types of trimwork including baseboards, doorjambs, window sills and mouldings. Trimwork plays one of the most important aspects of architectural design by defining boundaries and highlighting special arcitectural features. Having updated trim will definitely "sharpen" up any area!

The Process:

  1. The first step is to countersink any nail heads that might be sticking out. We manually go around every inch insearch of popped nailheads and punch them back with a special countersink tool.
  2. Once all the nails heads are countersunk we can fill the nail holes with putty and sand smooth.
  3. After the trim is sanded smooth we vacuum up any dust left from sanding and airspray the trim clean.
  4. Next we have to scrub the trim with a TSP solution. TSP is a strong degreaser and will make the surface ready for painting.
  5. Before Painting begins we must tape off all areas not being painted with masking paper or plastic sheet.
  6. Then painting can begin! We use either an HVLP or Airless paint sprayer to apply one coat of primer and 2 coats of either melamine or lacquer paint.
  7. Lastly we clean up and restore everything to its prior state.

Products That Work Best For Painting Trim:

When it comes to painting high traffic areas like trim, only the best products will last. Thats why we only use premium products from cloverdale paint. We recommend going with either a melamine or lacquer product because both will give exeptionally good results.

Lacquers and Melamine from Cloverdale: