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Airless Paint Spraying

Airless paint spraying is a method of painting in which a high power piston pump sucks up paint through a suction line and pressurize it into a specially designed hose that's attached to a spray gun. Once the spray gun is released, paint is sprayed into a fine pattern between 2000-3000psi. An airless paint sprayer is basically the same thing as a pressure washer but with paint instead of water. Because an airless paint sprayer operates without the use of air, it's able to operate at higher pressures and fully atomize thicker materials such as latex, elastomeric paint and primer.

Airless Spraying Benefits:

  • Compatible With Latex, Melamine, Lacquer and Elastomeric Paint.
  • Faster Than Any Other Method Of Painting.
  • No Brush Marks, Goes On Smooth.
  • Less Product Waste.

Common Questions About Airless Spraying:

  1. What can be painted with an airless sprayer?
    Answer: Anything! including doors, walls, ceilings, garage doors, fences, decks and trim.

  2. Can I be present while you are spraying?
    Answer: We advise against it because anyone within the perimeter will need to be wearing a resperator and safety glasses.

  3. What type of sprayer do you use?
    Answer: We only use professional grade sprayers made by Graco and Titan. Only professional grade equipment should be used because most "home owner" grade sprayers won't be designed to handle alot of materials. Especially important is the fact that only professional grade sprayers will have the safety features to handle flammable products such as lacquer and oil.

  4. Should I be worried about overspray?
    Answer: No. Before spraying begins we tape off all areas not being painted and protect everything with masking paper and plastic.

  5. How Much Does Spraying Cost?
    Answer:. In order to provide a complete and accurate estimate we would have to either schedule you in for a free estimate in person or complete an emailed estimate.

  6. Can Interior Spraying Be Done During Winter?
    Answer:Yes. As long as the area being painted can be heated up to a warm temperature.

  7. Are You Licensed To Spray?
    Answer:.Yes. We hold all required municipal licenses that allow us to operate as a professional painting company.