Bondo For Painting Kitchen Cabinets

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Filling Nail Holes With Bondo

picture of bondo for filling nail holes on kitchen cabinets

Properly filling nail holes can either make or break a perfect finish. Whether you'r painting baseboards or spraying cabinets one thing is certain... you can always count on an over abundance of nail holes.

Common Mistakes People Make Filling Nail Holes

Mistake #1. Using a filling compound that shrinks

No matter what you do. If using a product that shrinks as it dries.. you will never have a flush finish. Instead you will be left with a surface riddled with dimples.

Mistake #2. Sanding To Much

If you sand to much nail holes will become visible again. This happens because filler normally sands away first. You want to sand enough to bring surfaces flush but not so much that filler pulls out.

Mistake #3. Not Enough Dry Time

Waiting for filler to dry is time consuming. One of the biggest mistakes is not allowing enough time for everything to dry which causes multiple problems while painting.

Why Bondo Is The Key To A Perfect Finish

What makes bondo so great at filling nail holes is its extremely fast dry time, limited shrinkage properties and how easy it is to sand. Bomdo glazing putty should be the go to product for anybody wanting a perfect finish.